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How can we enrich your summer?

Evaluations and
Personalized Programs
Superior Test Prep

Concerned that your child has fallen behind in school? We can set up a Reading and/or Math Evaluation and use those results to create  a personalized summer program.  

SMP Tutoring offers group and private SAT and ACT Prep along with private test prep for High School Entrance Exams, FSA, TerraNova, and most other standardized tests. We can build your child's test-prep skills while enhancing knowledge of fundamental curriculum.

Build a Math Foundation
Summer Reading Guidance

Math is a house that is built one brick at a time over the school years. We can make sure that your child's math house has a solid foundation. Our individualized lesson plans can focus on review of past topics or a preview of the upcoming school year.

Does your child have a summer reading assignment? We can design a reading program to help guide students on these assignments. We can also help pick appropriate books for students to work on. Our program teaches students to be active readers, improves comprehension, and builds strong writing skills.

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