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Student Comments
Parent Comments

SMP Tutoring was my rock of support in preparing for my math exams throughout the years.

Fast forward to now: I received three offers to get my PhD in clinical psychology and received generous merit-based fellowships from two top programs. I am overjoyed and am so thankful for the tremendous support SMP Tutoring has given me throughout many months of studying for the GRE quant section, a necessary part of my PhD applications. The math section of the GRE was very challenging for me at first but toward the end of my studying, thanks to SMP, I felt like I had advanced in my understanding of the content and comfort in doing practice problems. I don't know where I would be if I did not receive their support.

I appreciate all they have done for me during my high school, college, and post-college years! I feel much more prepared for grad school thanks to them : ) I 100% recommend SMP Tutoring!

— Ali, Florida International University

I attended SMP Tutoring for SAT Prep. My SAT reading score went up by 150 points, my math went up by 130 points, and I went up 170 points in writing!

— Carrie, Palmetto High School


I enrolled in both SMP Tutoring's Intensive Math and Intensive Reading courses in my senior year. I went up 100 points in each section -- a 200 point increase after just 6 weeks!

— Justin, Florida Christian


In my senior year, I took SMP Tutoring's Intensive Math SAT course and it was a big help. My math score went up 110 points.

— Alexandra, Killian High School


I prepared for the High School Entrance Exam with SMP Tutoring and was accepted into Lourdes. Now I'm a high-school senior and I took their SAT Prep Course. With my high SAT scores, I got accepted into the University of Miami.

— Cassandra, Our Lady of Lourdes Academy


The tutors are all extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. I highly recommend using SMP Tutoring. With their help, I was able to do better in class and on exams.

— Megan, Coral Reef High School


All the tutors are very helpful and knowledgeable. I have been tutored by them for geometry, pre-calculus, statistics and SAT prep. I HIGHLY recommend going to SMP Tutoring.

— Nicole, Killian High School


Thank you, SMP Tutoring, for working with me to bring my SAT score up more than 200 points in just 2 months. I enjoyed working with you because you made it fun, so I was happy to do the homework and see myself improving. Now I am confident that I can get into the colleges I'm applying to and I will qualify for their scholarships, too. It was well worth it, and I highly recommend SMP Tutoring to anyone whose scores need a boost for college. 

— Shelley, New World School of the Arts


I took the Intensive Math SAT Prep course in October of my senior year. My math score went up 110 points!

— Alex, Christopher Columbus High School


Thank you so very much for helping Shelley get the SAT score she wanted. This has given her a great shot of confidence and freed her up so she can now concentrate on her college essays, applications and auditions. We have already recommended you to friends who have kids around Shelley's age or younger and we will gladly continue to do so. And if any parent would like to speak with us about our experience with SMP Tutoring, feel free to give them our home number.  

— James and Lenita O'Rourke


I want to let you know that Christopher did very well in his college application process.  His SAT/ACT scores along with his grades and college essays have given him many opportunities and choices for next year.  He is in the process of visiting schools for scholarship competitions.  Some of the schools in the running are:


     Michigan State

     Marietta College





He has acceptances to other out of state schools, but these are the ones he focused on.  In Florida he applied to UF, FSU, UCF, USF, UNF & FIU (we needed options due to bright futures and FL prepaid).  He got accepted to all of them except UF.  UF told him if he retook the SAT math portion (of course) they would reconsider his application.  His top choice for Florida is FSU. 


Thank you for your contributions to his future.  Sergio, who would have thought we would be making choices between these schools 10 years ago.

— Maribe Gongora


I am pleased to write in support of professors, Stephanie Martinez and Sergio Perez, for their amazing work helping our son achieve his goal on the SAT test.


Stephanie is exceptionally nice, considerate and sensitive. She does not only teach extremely well. She also cares a lot about the level of understanding of each student.


We highly recommend her to anybody that wishes their son/daughter to reach their full potential. SMP Tutoring deserves our respect and gratitude.

— The Perez Family


I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of SMP Tutoring. My son, Charles, has been tutored at SMP Tutoring for the past 2 1/2 years in math as well as preparation classes for the SAT and ACT. SMP tutors were always extremely professional, punctual, and genuinely interested in helping him succeed. They got to know him as a person and as a student which was crucial to understanding his learning style. Many times, their 'mentoring' helped him stay on task and conquer what at times seemed 'unconquerable.!'


As a parent, I felt that SMP listed to my concerns. We communicated on a regular basis and any concern would be brought to my attention immediately. Furthermore, upon request, SMP communicated with my son's teachers in order to coordinate their efforts. This team approach proved to be very effective and we will always be grateful for their willingness to 'go the extra mile' when it came to finding a way to help my son overcome a particular difficulty.


We are grateful for the support SMP provided my son and my family this past couple of years. We highly recommend the services of SMP Tutoring and wish them every success in the future.

—  Itzaris Weyman

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